Would you like to join us as an exhibitor?

How do you become an exhibitor?


After consulting the DOSSIER of the fair, you can send us the Participation BULLETIN perfectly completed as a sign of your interest in being part of our Contest.


We will confirm the reception of your space reservation and send you all the documentation necessary to complete the process and verify all your needs.


As a final step in the process, we will send you a fully detailed quotation so that you can approve it.


Check the RATES of trade fair SERVICES to prepare your stand.



Don’t hesitate, come and enjoy all the tools that TUREXPO places at your disposal!


Showcase your company and stand out from the crowd

TUREXPO GALICIA offers you, totally free of charge, different spaces so that you can showcase your product, service or destination, and thus play a prominent role in the event. Thousands of visitors want to learn about your story.


Network and build relationships

Fill your address book with interesting contacts for your business. Potential customer and partners will be waiting for you


Generate a brand and create a stir

Be bold, generate a brand, and create experiences by investing in your presence at the event to have an impact on the visiting public and raise awareness


Sell and do business

TUREXPO offers companies and entities the ideal format for directly marketing their offers, generating business, and securing enthusiastic ambassadors for their proposals.


Learn and keep up to date

The fair is a fantastic platform for acquiring knowledge and an essential bellwether for news and trends. Participate in our comprehensive programme of activities.


Inquire and survey

Reach out to the public and get first-hand feedback on your product, service, or destination. The fair is an excellent research centre.


Promote your company and increase your visibility


Take advantage of the spectacular media coverage at the show to organise all kinds of actions to reinforce your brand and raise your visibility. Specialised press and tourism bloggers will be seeking you out.


Build customer loyalty

This event is a unique opportunity to invite your customers and strengthen relationships. Give them a differential and exclusive treatment and you will gain their loyalty.


Distinguish your company and specialise

Showcase everything that makes you unique, and take advantage of it. The changing tastes of society and globalisation mean that there are highly interesting market niches.



Your unique destination, experience or service is what the significant number of national and international tour operators who participate each year in one of the most nationally recognised B2B meeting programmes, are looking for. A format with unquestionable efficiency that facilitates companies and entities the generation of beneficial commercial relations and successful business.

In 2023 more than 2,200 meetings were held with around thirty tour operators with a presence in twelve countries. And in 2024 it will continue to improve its proposal to create the greatest number of agreements.

  • There will be a careful and wide selection of national and international operators with great attractiveness for all participants.
  • More emerging countries will be included as tourism issuers to multiply your business possibilities. 
  • Meeting agendas will be optimised to the maximum according to the preferences of both parties to ensure greater efficiency..  

And to all this, there is another advantage: if you promote gastronomic products in your destination, you have the chance to take part in the INTERNATIONAL HOSTED BUYERS PROGRAMME at SALIMAT ABANCA, the food fair that is held in parallel and which generates so many good synergies.